Empanada – Argentina baked meat pies.   $10.00

Ceviche – Sliced fresh halibut in a lime marinade.   $14.95

Ceviche Mixto – Calamari, shrimp, and baby octopus in a lime marinade.   $12.95

Ronda Caliente – Grilled chicken, beef, fish, and shrimp skewers.   $7.95

Shrimp Iza – Sautéed with wine, garlic, baby spinach and yuca.   $11.95

Pulpo – Grilled octopus served with potatoes, baby spinach and long hot pepper.  $15.95

Portobello Mushroom – Grilled served with spinach, risotto and crab meat.   $14.95

Fried Calamari – Served with a tomato onion salad and yuca.   $11.95

Grill Sausage – Served romaine and a long hot pepper.   $8.95

Soup of the day   $4.95


Beet Salad – Baby greens, beets and goat cheese in a lemon vinaigrette.   $9.95

Avocado Salad – Lettuce, tomato, avocado and onions.   $9.95

House Salad – Seasoned greens, tomato, onions and cucumbers.   $6.95

Mesclun Salad – Served with dried cranberries, apples and pears in a raspberry vinaigrette.   $8.95


Grilled items are prepared on our wood charcoal grill served with a potato and vegetables

Churrasco (Skirt Steak)   $20.95

Sirloin Steak (NY Cut)   $24.95

Rib-Eye Steak    $24.95

Filet Mignon and Shrimp   $25.95

Pork Chop   $22.95

Rack of Lamb   $28.95

Mix Grill – Churrasco, short rib, sausage, pork chop served with a tomato onion salad.   $25.95

Jumbo Shrimp   $19.95

Sea Scallops   $22.95

Salmon   $20.95

Bronzino – (Whole Mediterranean Sea Bass)   $market

Grill Tilapia – Served with house rice.   $17.95

Chicken Palliard – (Chicken Breast)   $15.95

Chicken – Rotisserie half chicken served with house rice or french fries.   $12.95


Lomo Saltado – stir fry with onions, tomatoes, fries served with rice. Beef  $17.95 / Chicken $15.95

Chaufa – Asian style fried rice mixed with seafood.   $16.95

Milaneses – Crusted with crackers, pan fried served with a chopped avocado salad or house cut fries.

Chicken $15.95 / Beef $20.95 / Fish $16.95 / Pork $15.95



Avocado Slices

Black Beans

Long Hot Pepper

House Rice

French Fries


Fried Yuca

Sautéed Romaine


Bread Pudding

Coffee Cheese Cake

Rice Pudding



Alfajores – (Butter cookies with dulce de leche)

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